December 10, 2010

Better menu for workaholic 3

Broccoli for dinner

This workaholic has to be sturdy. Stress, conflicts with superiors and subordinates, running through endless corridors and staircases - all this must not become the cause of a heart attack. And if so, need to be concerned about protecting the flaming engine. Broccoli - just one vegetable that can help. In this grade cabbage contains substances that protect the heart from oxygen starvation. This thesis, scientists have confirmed after a series of experiments on rats. Rodents were divided into two groups. Some have attended the broccoli on the menu, while others were deprived of this exotic supplements. A month later, researchers checked their rat hearts. For those long-tailed, eating broccoli, "flaming engine," worked much better. And on the state of the heart in rats that eat cabbage useful, did not affect any increased load, or lack of oxygen.
Well, if your schedule is so tight, that the time for lunch are sorely lacking, and you have to eat on the run and eat cold food to eat broccoli alone must take its place in your menu. This type of cabbage can fight the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.
The latter are one of the most probable cause of stomach ulcers. Only 70 g broccoli per day can reduce the risk of this disease. The fact that broccoli contains a kind of natural antibiotic that acts on Helicobacter and saves us from gastric problems.

By the way    
Wine lovers have a higher intelligence than the fans of beer - the conclusion made by Danish scientists. The study was conducted with 363 men and 330 women aged 29 to 34 years. Wine lovers have a higher socio-economic status, good education, their average IQ was equal to 113.2 points. Do beer drinkers had lower IQ - an average of 95.2 points. 


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