December 8, 2010

Better menu for workaholic 2

Meat for lunch

Proteins are needed brain no less carbohydrates. It is through protein the body produces the hormones adrenaline and dopamine, which is responsible for the reaction rate and stimulate thought processes. So, if you need to make decisions quickly and it is desirable that these decisions were correct, without meat or fish can not do. Just try not to overeat. If you overeat, the blood rushes to the digestive organs to help them cope with the consequences of binge eating. At this time, the brain remains on starvation rations. So, ordering lunch steak or steak, watch portion sizes.
However, that whatever is said inveterate workaholics about healthy foods, during the working day, they are usually still eat in fast food restaurants. And if so, should try as little as possible harm to their health.
• Pizza. Choose a pizza on thin dough, better vegetarian with a little ketchup and spices.
• Potato with filling. Choose low-fat fillings such as cheese or herring in oil. Discard the mayonnaise and cheese sauce.
• Hamburgers. Book children's portions and diet cola. Discard the dressing.
• Hot dog. Ask the seller not to water your sausage with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard - hot sauce to anything you exhausted suhomyatkoy stomach.
• Pies and pasties. Choose baked cakes. Fried pies, pasties and belyashi contain too much fat.

To be continued


Kate said...

Wow, that was really interesting! And after looking at the pictures I'm just dying to get all this food cooked by someone. Please, I can't do it myself!
Anyway, here are really some interesting facts that aren't widespread, and I have never seen them before. Thanks for the person who has shared 'em. Now I'm going to study my recipe-book and learn how to cook, finally!

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