July 15, 2011

The energy in your body.

     Have you ever come home from work and felt a bit "off " at the end of the day?

Has it ever happened to you that you have awoken in the middle of the night and felt really rough?

Let me be honest - this has happened to many people!

      It could be because your diet is lacking in some of the basic nutrients that are vital to keep you in best shape. You see many of us just carry on with our busy lives and pay little or no attention to what we are eating. It doesnt take long to catch up with us.

     This is where the value of a little something like our specially designed liquid nitrogen formula comes in. Yes - thats right - it is liquid.
      Why take a liquid nutrition? One word--ABSORPTION!!! The nutrients in Veriuni's Advanced Liquid Nutrition are up to 98% absorbable. Compare that to the less effective 5-10% absorption rate for capsules or hard-to-swallow compressed "horse pills" with unfavorable vitamin aftertastes. Advanced Liquid Nutrition's unique dietary supplement contains nearly every daily nutrient required for vigorous health in a 1-ounce dose: 13 vitamins, 9 herbs, 18 amino acids, and a variety of nutrients, minerals, and plant extracts for total body wellness in every delicious, mixed-berry-flavored.

       Simple add our liquid nutrition to your daily diet and you will be making sure that your body has all the essential nutrients that it really needs to see you through. You no longer need to worry about what harm you diet is doing to your body - sure you should always stick to the five pieces of fruit and veg formula, but our advanced liquid nutrition will give you that something extra - not to mention the peace of mind that you are doing the very best to keep your body in the best condition possible

       Try Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition today and start noticing an improved sense of well-being and increased energy today!

       Why not get started today and give it a go - I am sure you wont be dissapointed.
       For use as a dietary supplement, take 2 tablespoons daily.
       This bottle will be enough for a month!

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February 13, 2011

Tempering, to be healthy

     On tempering the body, in principle, everyone knows, but not all know how to do it properly. Now hardening is one of the methods of health promotion. Many of you have probably noticed that more and more people suffer from colds lately.
     One of the first reasons is the food, which contains a large number of various chemistry and our immune system is forced to fight it. 
     Also plays the role of excessive use of drugs since childhood. Another reason is related to global warming. Autumn and spring in a long period of slush on the street creating a very favorable environment for virus multiplication. And finally the viruses themselves, which will eventually adapt to new drugs and most likely that in such circumstances, the "war" they will win. 
     The basic elements of hardening are natural factors, specifically water, air and sunlight. First you need to learn the basic rules of hardening. 
     First, the procedure of tempering should be conducted daily, and can be twice a day. 
     Secondly, you need to gradually lower the temperature of the water and air. The third time, gradually increase the impact of these factors. During a mild form of the disease to stop tempering is not necessary. However, when health weakened somewhat, to be more cautious to carry out procedures hardening. 
     Should reduce the impact force that is to raise the water temperature and reduce the time of perfusion, but did not pass the procedure. In case of serious illness, take a break, but its duration should be no more than 5-7 days. If the interval between treatments will be more than two weeks, then have to start all over again. 
      Children should be tempered under adult supervision. Good health and good spirits, are the main indicators of the correct procedures for hardening.

                                                                                                   I wish you to be always healthy!

January 8, 2011

You can beat obesity

      Specialists have compiled a list of activities that help to lose weight quickly and painlessly for the body.  
      First of all, losing weight, people need to pay attention to race. Studies at Yale University School of Medicine have shown: those who run at least four hours a week, burn more calories compared to people who are not fond of running. And, continue to burn calories faster, even when a person is not on the run.

      But scientists from the College of New Jersey argued that the training would be more productive if the main burden will fall on its first part. This will burn 23% more calories. If within 40 minutes of heart rate will remain at a level equal to 80% of maximum performance, then the next 19 hours will increase metabolism at times, finds research.
In turn, the alternation of intensive and less intensive loads also helps to lose weight. Add to this weighting, it is possible to burn 8% more calories per workout. Fast same rhythmic music will make it easier to deal with.  

         In order not to gain weight again, scientists from the University of Alabama advised to allocate 80 hours per week to train. But researchers at the Cooper Institute of Dallas offered to use ski poles. So, walk with this accessory will increase the amount of calories burned by 20%. Employees of Research Center in Chicago, aromatherapy slimming advise people to smell the strawberries and popcorn.  

         In this case, if you're dieting, you burn more than 250 calories a day is harmful, because the metabolism slows down, says Dr. Manfre. In the diet should include almonds, cherries, yogurt, grapefruit, cereals and spicy foods.
Alcohol is the same - the main enemy. It lowers the metabolic rate by 73%. But the vitamins C, D and fish oil - the perfect assistant. Researchers recommend consuming at 500, 800 and 6 grams, respectively.

December 26, 2010

7 most useful natural products (...end)


Bright orange pumpkins signals a high content of beta-carotene, an antioxidant, which supplies the body with vitamin A, regulates the renewal of skin cells and strengthens the sight. In combination with potassium, contained in the pumpkin, beta-carotene is an excellent remedy for hypertension.
       Rich in dietary fiber pumpkin is very useful for metabolic disorders, as well as in diseases such as atherosclerosis, urolithiasis and various liver dysfunction.
       Those who want to lose weight, is often a pumpkin. Only 100 grams of this extraordinarily useful vegetable contains only 25 calories.
       Pumpkin is not necessary to consume people suffering diarrhea, ulcer, gastritis with low acidity and diabetes.


         Hazelnuts can be described as the most accessible of all the nuts. Its worth to take note of losing weight. Hazelnuts filled with fats that are not rastolsteesh, but only strengthen the cardiovascular system.
       Filbert perfectly satisfies hunger and helps with chronic fatigue, strengthens the heart and supplies the body with vitamin E, essential for healthy hair. In addition, the hazelnut has long been used in people to enhance male potency.


         In the mountain ash combines vitamins C, P, A, B, E and K, and carotene, sorbitol, copper and iron. Rowan has an excellent choleretic and anti-bacterial effect, and is also capable of stopping severe bleeding. Best rowan struggling with the virus, as strengthens the immune system.
Among other things chokeberry able to raise the tone of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.
       Chokeberry is best to pour boiling water over and through two days of drinking before a meal in 2-3 hours a day. You can also rub the berries with sugar, to better preserve vitamins. 1 kg berries pour hot (not boiling) syrup of 1 quart of water and 2 kg of sugar. Five minutes later, the syrup is necessary to merge, and mash berries with a spoon.
       Not recommended for people with rowan high blood clotting, patients with peptic ulcer, gastritis and constipation.

December 18, 2010

7 most useful natural products

        To maintain the health of winter need not buy expensive fruits and vegetables, which supply from distant countries. In our shop is quite possible to find the "indigenous" products whose consumption does not only add to health, but also saves money. List of seven such products provided the newspaper "Arguments and Facts."



        Beet is rightly called the leader in iodine content. This is the reason of its     beneficial effects on the thyroid gland. Moreover, this root contains a storehouse of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, and vitamins - A, C, B1, B6, E and PP. In beet also has amino acids necessary for the health of the cardiovascular system, and enzymes that normalize the digestive tract. However, this vegetable is not recommended for patients with diabetes, people with weak kidneys, and thyroid hyperfunction.



           The fact that blueberries can strengthen the retina, known to many, but that its beneficial properties are not restricted. Investigation of the USDA showed that blueberries are also rich in pterostilbenom - an antioxidant that is contained in grapes and red wine. Blueberries lower cholesterol and blood sugar, prevents the development of varicose veins, strengthens capillaries and helps to cope with urinary tract infection.
         To enjoy all these useful properties, you must eat daily glass of fresh or frozen berries or 2 cups of blueberry yogurt. However, the consumption of blueberries is better to refuse patients with gastritis, as well as people suffering from atopic constipation.


       The main advantage of the cabbage - it's high content of manganese and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, it contains a lot of fiber that are needed for normal digestion. Cabbage is also considered a product of the so-called "negative calorie" because its processing body expends more energy than it receives.
         Research scientists have found that cabbage is also one of the best natural fighters against cancer. Only three servings of vegetables a week to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer by 49% of lung cancer - 30% of prostate cancer - 44% of breast cancer in teenage girls - just 72%.
        The cabbage should be very careful to consume people with severe gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea, and thyroid dysfunction.


Cranberries - one of the most nutritious fruits in nature and an excellent remedy for all sorts of infections, including respiratory. The components of cranberry proanthocyanidins help to prevent bacterial growth in the cells of the genitourinary system. In addition, this berry protects against stomach ulcers, blunts the inflammatory processes, and even prevents the formation of tartar, for what is called a favorite berry cranberry dentists.
      Consumption of cranberry should refrain patients with acute gastro-intestinal diseases and gastritis with high acidity.

continued to be

December 10, 2010

Better menu for workaholic 3

Broccoli for dinner

This workaholic has to be sturdy. Stress, conflicts with superiors and subordinates, running through endless corridors and staircases - all this must not become the cause of a heart attack. And if so, need to be concerned about protecting the flaming engine. Broccoli - just one vegetable that can help. In this grade cabbage contains substances that protect the heart from oxygen starvation. This thesis, scientists have confirmed after a series of experiments on rats. Rodents were divided into two groups. Some have attended the broccoli on the menu, while others were deprived of this exotic supplements. A month later, researchers checked their rat hearts. For those long-tailed, eating broccoli, "flaming engine," worked much better. And on the state of the heart in rats that eat cabbage useful, did not affect any increased load, or lack of oxygen.
Well, if your schedule is so tight, that the time for lunch are sorely lacking, and you have to eat on the run and eat cold food to eat broccoli alone must take its place in your menu. This type of cabbage can fight the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.
The latter are one of the most probable cause of stomach ulcers. Only 70 g broccoli per day can reduce the risk of this disease. The fact that broccoli contains a kind of natural antibiotic that acts on Helicobacter and saves us from gastric problems.

By the way    
Wine lovers have a higher intelligence than the fans of beer - the conclusion made by Danish scientists. The study was conducted with 363 men and 330 women aged 29 to 34 years. Wine lovers have a higher socio-economic status, good education, their average IQ was equal to 113.2 points. Do beer drinkers had lower IQ - an average of 95.2 points. 

December 8, 2010

Better menu for workaholic 2

Meat for lunch

Proteins are needed brain no less carbohydrates. It is through protein the body produces the hormones adrenaline and dopamine, which is responsible for the reaction rate and stimulate thought processes. So, if you need to make decisions quickly and it is desirable that these decisions were correct, without meat or fish can not do. Just try not to overeat. If you overeat, the blood rushes to the digestive organs to help them cope with the consequences of binge eating. At this time, the brain remains on starvation rations. So, ordering lunch steak or steak, watch portion sizes.
However, that whatever is said inveterate workaholics about healthy foods, during the working day, they are usually still eat in fast food restaurants. And if so, should try as little as possible harm to their health.
• Pizza. Choose a pizza on thin dough, better vegetarian with a little ketchup and spices.
• Potato with filling. Choose low-fat fillings such as cheese or herring in oil. Discard the mayonnaise and cheese sauce.
• Hamburgers. Book children's portions and diet cola. Discard the dressing.
• Hot dog. Ask the seller not to water your sausage with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard - hot sauce to anything you exhausted suhomyatkoy stomach.
• Pies and pasties. Choose baked cakes. Fried pies, pasties and belyashi contain too much fat.

To be continued