December 26, 2010

7 most useful natural products (...end)


Bright orange pumpkins signals a high content of beta-carotene, an antioxidant, which supplies the body with vitamin A, regulates the renewal of skin cells and strengthens the sight. In combination with potassium, contained in the pumpkin, beta-carotene is an excellent remedy for hypertension.
       Rich in dietary fiber pumpkin is very useful for metabolic disorders, as well as in diseases such as atherosclerosis, urolithiasis and various liver dysfunction.
       Those who want to lose weight, is often a pumpkin. Only 100 grams of this extraordinarily useful vegetable contains only 25 calories.
       Pumpkin is not necessary to consume people suffering diarrhea, ulcer, gastritis with low acidity and diabetes.


         Hazelnuts can be described as the most accessible of all the nuts. Its worth to take note of losing weight. Hazelnuts filled with fats that are not rastolsteesh, but only strengthen the cardiovascular system.
       Filbert perfectly satisfies hunger and helps with chronic fatigue, strengthens the heart and supplies the body with vitamin E, essential for healthy hair. In addition, the hazelnut has long been used in people to enhance male potency.


         In the mountain ash combines vitamins C, P, A, B, E and K, and carotene, sorbitol, copper and iron. Rowan has an excellent choleretic and anti-bacterial effect, and is also capable of stopping severe bleeding. Best rowan struggling with the virus, as strengthens the immune system.
Among other things chokeberry able to raise the tone of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.
       Chokeberry is best to pour boiling water over and through two days of drinking before a meal in 2-3 hours a day. You can also rub the berries with sugar, to better preserve vitamins. 1 kg berries pour hot (not boiling) syrup of 1 quart of water and 2 kg of sugar. Five minutes later, the syrup is necessary to merge, and mash berries with a spoon.
       Not recommended for people with rowan high blood clotting, patients with peptic ulcer, gastritis and constipation.


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Well, it's quite interesting. Now everyone has realized that to be healthy it's necessary to eat only a certain kind of food, and with the help of different articles it's very easy now. Thank you!

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