January 8, 2011

You can beat obesity

      Specialists have compiled a list of activities that help to lose weight quickly and painlessly for the body.  
      First of all, losing weight, people need to pay attention to race. Studies at Yale University School of Medicine have shown: those who run at least four hours a week, burn more calories compared to people who are not fond of running. And, continue to burn calories faster, even when a person is not on the run.

      But scientists from the College of New Jersey argued that the training would be more productive if the main burden will fall on its first part. This will burn 23% more calories. If within 40 minutes of heart rate will remain at a level equal to 80% of maximum performance, then the next 19 hours will increase metabolism at times, finds research.
In turn, the alternation of intensive and less intensive loads also helps to lose weight. Add to this weighting, it is possible to burn 8% more calories per workout. Fast same rhythmic music will make it easier to deal with.  

         In order not to gain weight again, scientists from the University of Alabama advised to allocate 80 hours per week to train. But researchers at the Cooper Institute of Dallas offered to use ski poles. So, walk with this accessory will increase the amount of calories burned by 20%. Employees of Research Center in Chicago, aromatherapy slimming advise people to smell the strawberries and popcorn.  

         In this case, if you're dieting, you burn more than 250 calories a day is harmful, because the metabolism slows down, says Dr. Manfre. In the diet should include almonds, cherries, yogurt, grapefruit, cereals and spicy foods.
Alcohol is the same - the main enemy. It lowers the metabolic rate by 73%. But the vitamins C, D and fish oil - the perfect assistant. Researchers recommend consuming at 500, 800 and 6 grams, respectively.


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