February 13, 2011

Tempering, to be healthy

     On tempering the body, in principle, everyone knows, but not all know how to do it properly. Now hardening is one of the methods of health promotion. Many of you have probably noticed that more and more people suffer from colds lately.
     One of the first reasons is the food, which contains a large number of various chemistry and our immune system is forced to fight it. 
     Also plays the role of excessive use of drugs since childhood. Another reason is related to global warming. Autumn and spring in a long period of slush on the street creating a very favorable environment for virus multiplication. And finally the viruses themselves, which will eventually adapt to new drugs and most likely that in such circumstances, the "war" they will win. 
     The basic elements of hardening are natural factors, specifically water, air and sunlight. First you need to learn the basic rules of hardening. 
     First, the procedure of tempering should be conducted daily, and can be twice a day. 
     Secondly, you need to gradually lower the temperature of the water and air. The third time, gradually increase the impact of these factors. During a mild form of the disease to stop tempering is not necessary. However, when health weakened somewhat, to be more cautious to carry out procedures hardening. 
     Should reduce the impact force that is to raise the water temperature and reduce the time of perfusion, but did not pass the procedure. In case of serious illness, take a break, but its duration should be no more than 5-7 days. If the interval between treatments will be more than two weeks, then have to start all over again. 
      Children should be tempered under adult supervision. Good health and good spirits, are the main indicators of the correct procedures for hardening.

                                                                                                   I wish you to be always healthy!


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