December 6, 2010

Better menu for workaholic

Porridge for breakfast
Studies show that a good breakfast improves performance by about 30%, so if you have a hard day at the office, do not forget the morning to provide the body of stored energy. The best of its source - porridge. Grains contain B vitamins (improves brain function and help to handle stress). In addition to cereals have the necessary brain complex carbohydrates. It is from carbohydrate our brain gets glucose, which stimulates its activity, helps to find a non-standard solution to the problem and focus on something important.
The quickest way to provide glucose to the brain - to eat something sweet: chocolate, cake or just a lump of sugar. All these foods contain simple carbohydrates that are instantly raise your blood sugar and saturated brain glucose. However, in this case, the sugar level falls just as quickly, as well as rise, and after a minute, "enlightenment" pile on apathy and distraction.
With complex carbohydrates, which can be obtained from cereals, bread, potatoes, things are different. They split slowly, the blood sugar level rises without abrupt jumps and the brain receives a constant recharge.
And here is a classic English breakfast, which includes bacon and eggs, it is better to cook less often. Excess body fat negatively affects the efficiency and functioning of the brain. Scientists have conducted a series of experiments on mice. Half of the rodents, they were fed normally and the other half were given food with high fat content. A month later, the experimenters conducted a series of tests - mice were placed in a maze and measured the time during which the prisoner will be able to find a way out.
Mice who ate a lot of fat, showed much poorer results than those who received dietary food.

Dietitians 10 years of watching the fairer sex who use porridge for breakfast. The results exceeded all expectations. As it turned out, porridge - the most useful product of the morning.
The study involved more than 2000 girls. Researchers concluded that the portion of the morning cereal affect the entire daily ration of Rights. People are starting to eat more throughout the day by eating more dairy products, fruits and vegetables and less fatty foods and meat.
In cereals contain many vitamins, and most importantly, fat and carbohydrates that have a positive effect on the body and allow a person to work actively throughout the day.
Compared with other breakfast, porridge contains more iron, magnesium, zinc, fiber and less fat, sugar and cholesterol.

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